Get 'Er Done!

Get 'Er Done!

That seems to be the theme for the new edition of Northwest Nonprofit Notes.  The authors of each of the articles cut through the noise in each of their respective topics, giving you fresh, clear instruction for how to take action.

Want to better organize and track your fundraising goals for the year?  Heidi Thomson-Daly shares her fundraising dashboard with you because "what gets tracked, gets done."

Jennifer Weber demystifies engagement strategies by giving you a step-by-step process for creating your own.  She goes one step further by providing some creative examples from previous clients that go well beyond the stale coffee meeting.

Julie Edsforth shows you how to fundraise from your friends even though it's hard.  The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is one.  In this case, Julie does an artful and compassionate job of admitting that friend-fundraising is hard, and then shows you how to do it anyway.

How often do you wish you had more time to learn something new or receive more professional development?  Sara Lawson coaches you on how to better embed learning in your organizational culture so that you and your team are constantly sharing new ideas and gaining fresh instruction.

Last, the group article gives some best ever ideas for board recruitment that will help your candidates feel valued, connected and inspired to join your board.  Strong recruitment leads to strong board participation.  And what organization doesn't want more of that?

Before tackling all your 2018 to-do items, take a few minutes to read through these helpful and instructional articles.  I promise, if you do, the information in each of them will help make your job easier.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!