Bringing Danielle on to work with our non-profit was one of the best decisions we have made. Danielle helped us to see where our organizations strengths and weaknesses were and facilitated a much-needed discussion for our board around some critical matters.

All of these items together are allowing us to grow into a more stable organization which will allow us to grow the work we provide to K-12 schools.
— Lori Lynass, Executive Director, Seattle WA

A great facilitator can make all the difference in the world when you’re making big plans, wrestling with profound questions or needing to have critical conversations.  A facilitator’s role is to create a safe, structured place for magic to happen.  I help to free and support people to give their full attention to participating in the moment.

It’s my privilege to provide the following facilitation services:

  •  Corporate Trainings and Retreats
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Needs Assessments
  •  Vision and Mission Development
  •  Focus Groups and Guided Conversations
  •  Meeting Facilitation

Are you interesting in having me help you with one of the item above? Or, do you have something else in mind?  Let’s talk!