Cultivating Major Donors

a two-hour workshop that teaches you how to cultivate gifts at the highest level

Friday, SEptember 21 from 8:00 am - 10:00 am in port angeles, wa

Cultivating major donors is hard, but rewarding work. Most nonprofits are leanly staffed and don't get to spend as much time as they'd like on cultivating gifts at the highest level. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work smarter, not harder and know which donors would be capable of making major gifts? Wouldn’t it be great if you understood your donors’ motivations and could tailor your strategies to address those motivations so that they'd be inspired to give at the highest level?

In this free, two-hour workshop, you’ll design your “ideal major donor avatar,” a profile of the donor or donors whose interests are perfectly suited to your organization so that you'll know where to focus your time.  You’ll learn common donor archetypes so that you can better understand why donors give the way they do so that you can better tailor your approach to their motivations.  Last, you'll identify ways to adjust your current donor cultivation strategies so that they’re better aligned with donors' interests.

You’ll come away with fresh ideas, a broader understanding of what it takes to cultivate major donors and action items for what to do next.

Thank you so much Dani! Your presentation was just the right amount of group participation and engagement with neighbors and listening to you. You made the time fly by. And thanks for the advice on helping get my BOD excited about some new ideas.

SESSION activities INCLUDE:     

·  Create your “ideal customer avatar” so that you can craft compelling strategies  to attract your ideal major donor. 

·  Learn common donor archetypes so that you have a better understanding of donors' motivations for giving.

·  Craft fresh donor cultivation strategies that inspire donors to give big gifts.

This workshop series is for CEOs, Executive Directors and/or Development staff of nonprofits.  

The registration deadline is Friday, September 14, 2018.  

Smuggler’s Landing Meeting Room, 115 East Railroad Avenue, 2nd Floor Entrance

Space is limited to 25 participants