What You Have In Common With Sir Paul McCartney - And announcing the fall series of workshops!

Celebrities! They're Just like us!

Over at Jezebel, you can see a letter Paul McCartney wrote to Prince in the 80's, asking for a donation to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. As a fundraiser, I love everything about it.

I love how many of our fundraising best practices for major gifts were included, such as the fact that this was peer-to-peer (one rock legend to the other). That the letter, while asking for a donation, was warm and relational ("Dear Princely person" - Ha!) and that how Paul McCartney explained how he came to be personally involved in the project.

I also love how there were some components he missed. For example, he didn't ask for a specific dollar amount. He also didn't mention if he or someone from the school would be following up on the request. - Two very important aspects of any fundraising ask!

Isn't it good to know that there's always more to learn? And that no-one is immune (not even a BEATLE) from the need to recruit their friends when it comes to raising money for worthy causes?

No one is immune from needing to know how to raise money for worthy causes. Not even Paul McCartney. We can learn how to do it better. Together.

Cheers, Dani