I appreciate the work you have done with us and feel that we have gotten great value from you! It has been a true pleasure.
— Anne W., Board Member, Lancaster PA
Thank you so much Dani! Your presentation was just the right amount of group participation and engagement with neighbors and listening to you. You made the time fly by. And thanks for the advice on helping get my BOD excited about some new ideas.
— Charlene B., PALTA Conference workshop attendee, Lancaster PA
Dani Beam brought value to the Lancaster County Conservancy during a time of leadership transition by serving as Interim Development Director, during which time she revamped our development program.  She refreshed our appeal process, which allowed us to touch more donors and increase our unrestricted giving.  She created a comprehensive fundraising plan and involved our board members in fundraising in new ways.  She oversaw the implementation of a new database which allowed us to set ambitious goals for the year.  She was also able to help us identify and facilitate a process to add new staff to the organization as well. I highly recommend her!
— Phil W., CEO, Lancaster Pa
Dani Beam offers community benefit organizations her unique blend of professionalism, freshness and fun as she guides and coaches CBO leaders and boards. She brings expertise in all facets of effective non-profit management, including leadership and governance, board development, fundraising, program management, organizational sustainability, and succession planning. Dani is a complete joy to work with as a consultant and has the skills and knowledge to help any non-profit organization rise to new heights of impact and effectiveness. I highly recommend her!
— Melanie S., Executive Director, Lancaster PA
It was great listening to your lecture yesterday. I really appreciate the authenticate, engaged approach…your advice was great. 

Beyond that, it was a great space to connect to others; I found myself chatting at the reception with people in my class and we recounted your talking points with joy.
— Beth H., PALTA Conference workshop attendee, Lancaster PA
I appreciate your expertise more than I can express. The things i have put into place for Mom’s House because of you have not only saved time, raised money but also improved my sanity!
— Sara J., Executive Director, Lancaster PA
Thank you very much!  The strategies you gave us were well-received...we received the ‘fruits’ from one of our initiatives, while another is still pending.
— Melissa L. Development Director, Lancaster PA
Dani Beam is a valuable resource to Lancaster Farmland Trust! The Trust has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, and Dani is helping the organization to explore how to capitalize on this growth, streamline processes and expand capacity to further the mission of preserving Lancaster County’s beautiful, productive farmland.
— Amanda H., Development Director, Lancaster PA
Your proposal, qualifications and presentation were truly outstanding. You have such tremendous skill, energy and capacity to be client centered. As a deep listener, you’re nimble in making recommendations that not only align with best practices but with what a unique organization needs.
— Becca, R.  Executive Director, Carlisle, PA


Dani asked the right questions to quickly get at the heart of what our organization’s greatest needs were, followed by a menu of bite-sized, workable solutions.
— Deborah B., Board Member, Seattle, WA
Dani’s talent lies in quickly understanding your revenue model and helping you focus on the best opportunities. She’s got a great approach to development that makes it fun and engaging.
— Dan S., Executive Director, Seattle WA
As interim Development Director at Zeno, Dani knew exactly how to use her time with our organization as a catalyst for our development team to tackle new initiatives. From crafting mission-centric giving circles, developing ways for staff, ED and Board to have more facetime with donors, and evolving our sponsorship campaigns and committee work, Dani coached our organization how to work smarter to meet our development goals. As a manager, she provided incredible mentorship to staff on everything from the grant writing process and workflow management, to tangible ways to maximize our strengths as a team. And, to top it all off, she’s a blast to work with!
— Erin T., Development Manager, Seattle WA
The major gift training was so fun! Dani makes everything fun.
— Sylvia S., Board Member, Seattle WA
Working with Dani I was able to move my organization’s and my own sights toward a new rewarding perspective, guiding us to move toward a challenging, new direction while rolling up her sleeves to help me layout and communicate the steps to get us there.
— Rebecca S., Executive Director, Seattle WA
One of the many things I appreciate about working with Dani is that I can be honest, without having to be perfect or ‘on’ all the time. With Dani I get to have frank conversations which allow for more strategic discussions and useful, reality based solutions.
— Holly J., Executive Director, Seattle WA