Give Collaborative Fundraising A Try

I'm a big fan of nonprofits joining together to make a bigger impact.  Often, nonprofits collaborate with one another on projects or programs but draw the line at joint fundraising efforts.  The old belief is that it's wrong, or dangerous to share donor information with one another.  What if the donors don't want their names to be shared?  What if another nonprofit poaches your donors?

Gradually, that mindset is changing and organizations are bravely working together, trusting each other with their valuable resources. Giving days like Extra Give in Lancaster, PA and Give Local in York, PA are proving that magical, enormous things happen when communities join together in their fundraising efforts.  Additionally, I've had the privilege of working with a number of nonprofits in the past several years, helping them facilitate collective impact processes, including shared campaign fundraising on capital projects.  I've seen the results first-hand.  

But don't just take my word for it.  Read this terrific case study on collaborative fundraising from Blue Avocado. It's worth your time because the author shares her initial misgivings but then talks about how she took a leap of faith -- with great results.

Check it out!