Watch Out for Shady Characters

Hello dear colleagues,

This is just a quick post to share some crucial information with you. Did you know that fundraising consultants have ethical guidelines they should be following?  Or that the State of Pennsylvania actually regulates how we perform our services?

It's true.  These regulations exist to protect you from those who would be inclined to charge usurious, percentage based rates that would take too much of the funds you worked so hard to raise.  Additionally, these regulations help to protect nonprofits and their donors from coercive fundraising practices.

Fundraising consultants who don't adhere to these regulations are not only engaging in unethical practices, they could also incur hefty state fines for being in violation of them.  

There are two documents you should know about that address this issue. The first, Association of Fundraising Professional's Code Ethical Standards sets the guidelines for all fundraising professionals across the nation. 

The second document is specific to Pennsylvania and sets the requirements for how fundraising consultants are allowed to operate in PA, the content their contracts must include to meet PA's regulations and the process by which they must submit those contracts to the state for approval.  While it's not riveting reading, it is important that you understand what's required of firms like mine that do business with you.  

Please familiarize yourself with the documents I've linked to.  And, be thorough in your research on consultants you're considering.  Unfortunately, like in every other industry, there are some shady characters out there! 


Beam Consulting is registered with the State of PA and authorized to provide fundraising counsel. All my contracts contain the required language.  please contact me for more information.